Sunday, February 6, 2011

Aging Gracefully with Gratitude and Love...

After being in the Wellness industry for more than a decade, I know one thing to be comes from within.  Corny as it may sound, I have seen thousands of people walk through the doors of my various spas, many of whom have the means to maintain themselves physically.  Ultimately, it's always those who have a positive attitude and goodness of heart that wear this ‘glow’ that no amount of treatments or products can replicate.  After all wellbeing is mostly about the mind and the spirit manifesting what’s within.

College days
I like telling this story about a friend Brenda Strong.  Most of you will know her as the voice on Desperate Housewives.  I met her when she spoke on her Yoga 4 Fertility.  I still recall how she walked into our spa, and it was as if she had this ‘halo’ around her.  All of us stopped what we were doing especially as she smiled and greeted us.  We were mesmerized… Granted she is quite beautiful but at our spa, we saw quite a lot of physically gifted women.  She was different.  After an hour of listening to her, I knew she was special and ageless.  Another person who never seems to grow older is my dearest friend Joni.  Barely 70 and battling pains from 15 years of severe fibromyalgia, she still manages to be sweet and gracious and always generous of heart.
Joni and Jimi, her source of strength
Cousins/Aunts late 50's & 80's

In good company, late 50's-60's...

As I turn 47, I wonder why I’m not panicking that I’m three years to the big 50.  I know I don’t feel my age – at least in spirit.  In my blog ‘To My Speeps With Love’, I discuss my physical challenges, but except for that, I feel healthier and more fit in many respects than when I was a size 2-4 in my thirties.  Could it be that I am secure in my genetic disposition to have less wrinkles, as my mom and my aunts do?  Ot is it because I live in Palm Springs where a majority of the residents are in their 60’s and 70’s and still play golf, run marathons and do bikram yoga? I look at my friends and some of them have hardly aged so I think I haven’t either. I also have so many girlfriends who are in theirs 60’s and 70’s and when I’m with them, I don’t even notice the age difference.

Spa friends & College friends
Today my dear friends and family have started posting birthday wishes on my facebook wall, and I smile and realize that I am blessed with so much love and support.  That positive awareness can only help direct me towards everything positive and good.  In a compilation of blogs authored by Jeremy McCarthy, the Psychology of Wellbeing explores all the aspects of mental and spirituals sides of holistic wellness.  And it shows how positive thinking can help you be happy, healthy and more productive.

Mom & Dad at 78
Me at 18, mom at 50

From my first 23 years in Manila, to another 23+ years in the US, I may have had my share of turmoil and sadness but who hasn’t.  As I look back, all I can see is how much love and support has pulled me through the toughest times in my life.  I can only hope to share the countless blessings and good karma that come my way with others who need it most…

My source of strength & love
Aging isn’t about growing old.  It’s about growing wiser and more humbled and looking back with gratitude and love at life’s many blessings…


  1. What a cute post! Why worry about the things we can't control (like aging)? Instead, focus on the things we CAN control, like healthy living choices as we age. You are no doubt an inspiration to many:)

  2. Your Joni is looking back at e mails, Facebook, Sprinkles that
    were posted while in Mexico..with you, my dearest friend. Be-
    cause of you, it is so much easier to smile, dream and approach
    all obstacles with a sense of accomplishment. You are my men-
    tor, my most cherished friend and one of the greatest gifts God
    has blessed me with. Give me your hand and I promise to never
    let go...I love my Princess..the Queen